Pokee is going to be traveling with the TenBrinks!  He won't be driving the motor home into our driveway when they pick her up on Monday!!  They came to make their picks yesterday and we had to cut tree limbs to get them back out!  This is their third Romence Brittany pup!

New things are such fun, and not so scary when your brothers and sisters get into the fun!!  

Carson (Jasmine) is headed to Lowell with the Matthews!



Mackee Bella's (Bella) new home is with the Cook's in Grand Rapids!

Clean!  At least for 10 minutes.....:)


Heading Home!!

7 weeks!!

Our last week!  Puppies have new collars!

Our two boys have on Black.

Tinkerbelle is Hot Pink

Jasmine is Red

Arial is Green

Elsa is Purple

Bella is Orange


Pokee is Orange and Black!


All pups are in there forever homes!​

Enjoy our puppy cam again in a few months!!

6 weeks old!!

Confidence builders!!


Breckon may be 15, deaf, a little blind and definitely wabbly, but her nose still works!!!!


Tanner(Olaf) is headed towards Grand Ledge with the Metcalfs, to join his two Renegade Brothers!

Five Weeks Old!

How time flies!!!

Our new home!!

Our puppies went outside for the first time this evening!  Unfortunately it was cut short when a large, very large owl flew thru the yard!!!  I thought the three redtail hawks were going to be the problem and was glad when they moved on.  Now this!!  Pups might be spending a lot of time inside!!!


Max (Petey) is on his way to Iowa with the Bohlkens!

Shelby Ford (Tinkerbelle) is going to Hastings and a great cabin up north with the Allerdings!

Ariel is going to live in Grand Haven with the Vantrepotts!



Puppies are out!  We are owl and hawk proof!!.  Netting all around!

First time outside, a little timid to start, but within 10 minutes they were running around!  Listen closely, you will hear the owl.  I told riley to be quiet, I thought it was her until it flew thru!!!!

Luna (Elsa) is going to be hunting minnows in Portage as well as finding grouse in the UP. This is their second Romence Brittany Pup!

We had our 6 week check up and shots today!  Everyone passed with flying colors!