They have teeth!!

The puppies turned into little dogs this morning!  I heard some barks, their eyes are open and they are up on all four feet!

Our puppies had their first food today!  It didn't take them long to figure it out!

Abbey was outside so I let 5 month old Riley in to see the pups.  I love that she placed her feet so carefully, she will be a good mama when it is time!

Love this!

The pups bark and fall down!!

What is wrong with this picture!!

So, Christmas is a very busy time of year!  After all the GrandKids left, I let Abbey in the living room with us and the other dogs were in the laundry room.  I feel asleep on the couch and Red took advantage of Abbeys absence to spend time with the puppies!

 She is a good surrogate mom!

Sometimes you just can't choose!!!

Our eyes are open and HEY! there is someone here to play with and bite!!

Abbey's puppies are two weeks old today!  I am seeing little slits in their eyes, and I have greeted everyone!  They are starting to get up on their feet also!  Ears are still closed for a few more days.