Our puppies had their first visiting buyers come today!  It is always great fun to see future owners meet their new best friend!  Even if they don't know who it is!

This will be their third brittany and it will be their second Wrigley bred pup!  

They know a good thing :)


(the red headed Reindeer)

Rudolf is now named Patch!


Abbeys pups are almost a week old and are all doing great!  I am really happy with the healing on Rudolfs head, it is looking really great.


Abbey/Beckham puppies !

Whelped Dec 3rd,2016

3 girls and 2 boys

Meet our puppies!

Rudolfs head seems to be healing and he is a very strong puppy!

The puppies and Abbey are all doing well.  The first few days we keep a close eye on them to make sure Mom doesn't accidentally lay on one.  In a few days they will be strong enough to get out!  The puppy cam helps a lot with this, we are watching all the time!!


One of my best puppy holders!

I've decided that since Rudolf is healing so nicely that I would change his name to Patch!  



Abbey was very happy to get her babies back!!

The puppies became little brittanys today!  





While Abbey was outside, Riley took a peek at these new arrivals to see who they were!.

My grand daughter, Sophie loves the puppies!