I am excited to announce that Riley placed first in Amateur Gun Dog (24 dogs) Oct/2020 at the Hawkeye Brittany trial!

Many thanks to judges, Mike Poehler and Trasa Flowler, scout Richard Beaver, and most of all the great never ending hard work of the Burchett family! This is Rileys first blue and she did it with three great finds. It was a joy to run her!

I am sooo proud of Riley, Runner-up Brittany National Amateur Walking Gun Dog Champion! 6 covey finds and a great back!! She held her birds with the style and intensity she got from her mom, Duffee and dad, Legacy's Pine Bandit! ! I have taken pictures at the Brittany Nationals for 15 years and I finally got to run my dog!! She was so fun to run! Thank you Judges,
Paul Renius and Richard Pristov for the placement, and of course thank you to the Burchett family for all their hard work!

Romence's Life of Riley