Prancer is scratching hot pink





For those of you looking to get some great things to chew for your new puppy, I can highly recommend this assortment, field tested by 6 month old Riley!  I found that the Whimzees, although expensive, were a great time chewer for young puppies.  The smallest toothbrushes got me about 20 minutes, medium about 40 and the larger ones, up to an hour!  That's one hour of a busy puppy!  A good thing!!!!  She got one every morning while we had coffee and at night if the big dogs were put away!  They are not for adult dogs unless you have an unlimited budget, they still love them, but adult jaws go through them in seconds (Duffee) to a few minutes (Riley now).

 I like the two bones shown above because of the curve on them.  Straight Nylabones sit around my house, but these two are chewed by all my dogs.  Most of these products are available at any good pet store.  

Other favorites are a soft chew animal and a kong tennis ball.

Dancer just wants this purple thing gone!

Big Day yesterday, they went for a car ride and their first appointment to get shots and make sure everyone is perfect!  They are!!

Vixon is scratching Periwinkle Blue

The puppies got their new collars today!  That way they are not scratching all the way to their new homes this weekend!

Abe is trying to get rid of dark green

Doug Sandula brought Penny to visit today, she is my Red's sister and an awesome grouse woodcock dog!  Frank Craven and his wife also came to see the pups. They are getting a little girl.  We let the pups outside for the first time today. The most adventurous award goes to Abe!  Then Piper and Elliott let the pups out in the family room.  

A Great adventure

Patch is trying to figure out what this blue thing is


Our puppies are Six weeks old!

The puppies are going into there last week here!  I can't believe how fast it goes!  This next week is a great week for socialization.  Not so much with people, they have that one down pat, it's about getting along with other dogs!  The play/fighting that goes on teaches them how to deal with other dogs.  Everyone takes their turn being on the top or bottom of the fight!  I like to say they learn "dog talk" this week!

 Here is some information to help you get ready!

I would sugguest if you haven't already , picking up a good puppy book and reading it this week before your new family member comes!  Brian Kilcommons my smart Puppy is a great one.  If you can't find that one, his book Good Owners, Great Dogs is also a great one.  Other than that, the things you should have on hand are:

If you are buying a crate for your puppy which I highly recommend, the size you want for a full size brittany should be around 24 inches tall ad 30 inches long.  This is usually the intermediate size crate.  This might seem a little big for a puppy that you are crate training but you can block it off with something to make it smaller.  They will be used to being in a crate by the time you take them home, because there is a small one in the pen with them.  If you have a crate that is a wire one, consider putting a blanket around it to make it feel more cozy.  

Your puppy will have a collar, you should have a thin leash.  The reason I suggest a thin leash is that your pup should drag the leash around at all times.  That lets you catch him!  Otherwise you will be playing run around the table and I'm sorry, your pup will win.  I like a little 1/4 inch leash, you can stomp a foot on it really easy if you have to. :)  It also keeps the puppy close to you so it can't escape and go pee in another private area that you are not watching!  Your pup should always be supervised while potty training.  If you are busy, leash him to your belt or a chair near you and then you will hear him whine if he needs to go out.

Baby gates are great for puppy training, Here again craigslist and garage sales are great spots to look.  Also your local Salvation Army store or Goodwill usually have them very cheap.  That way you can keep them in the room with you.  They can really cover the territory!

Bitter Apple can save a pair of shoes........:)

Your puppy is eating Purina Pro Plan Puppy.  They will eat three times a day. Probably around 1/3 - 1/2 cup or so each feeding.  You will have to experiment with this.  I only feed the masses!  My adult dogs get about 2 cups a day.  Remember, what goes in comes out, so don't free feed unless you want free poo and pee times!  Best to give them water at certain times to control that also. And remember, no water after 8pm might help get you thru the night.  :)

Make sure you sign up for Puppy Classes with your new pups.  It is very important for them to remain well socialized.  Seeing different sizes, shapes and ages of people at class, as well as lots of different types of dogs is great for them!  Sometimes classes are hard to get into, so sign up now!  In Grand Rapids I recommend Kim's K9 by Woodland Mall. She has a great progroam.  It is good to take the whole family with you.

You will also want to contact your vet ad see when they would like to give them their next shots.  In Grand Rapids, I go to Family Friends Veterinary.

Traveling tools!  Please come with a roll of paper towels, a couple of bath towels, your leash in case you have to walk your pup,and a crate, just incase he is getting sick and you don't want it in your lap!  Hopefully all rides home will be non-eventful, but I have to remember my 15 minute drive home with Copper, who vomited, peed and pooped.  I was glad she was in the crate!

Things you will get from me:  Your new puppy, registration papers, health record, your puppy picture from the wall, a bag of dog food to blend with your food if you choose to feed something other than Purina Pro Plan, and a fleece blanket or stuffed animal that the pups have been sleeping with.  (hint" do not wash away the magic smell of home!)


     Just a reminder that you do not want to take your puppy to parks and places that you do not know who the dogs are, until you have all of their puppy shots.  Parvo is on the rise and they are not fully vaccinated until they have received all of their shots.  They get it by sniffing infected dogs poo and it can take your puppy in a day, so it is very important!!!!!!!

Lastly, please if possible, do not spay or neuter you new puppy until it has had a chance to grow to maturity.  At least a full year.  There are certain health issues that are believed to be given a greater chance of happening with early spay/neutering.



Abe (Dasher)

Your puppy is eating ProPlan Puppy, chicken and rice formula.  I will be sending home a bag of their food for you to mix with whatever brand you choose to feed.  

This is another fun toy to keep your puppy busy!  I just put their puppy food in it.  Riley loves it!

I am working on pick up times for everyone!  So far I have: 

Spooners coming on Friday at 12:00

​Piels coming at 9:30 on Saturday

​Bach's coming at 2:00 on Saturday