Congratulations Kaila and Ford!  

8 healthy puppies, 6 girls and 2 boys!

Whelped August 7th!

If the Puppy Cam is turned off and "missing in action", there are no puppies to watch or I am cleaning!  

​Check back later!

For Sale!

I am selling my used equipment, and upgrading to an Alpha system.

  All is in great working order.  Gps has new long range antennas.  

A chance to get great equipment at a reasonable price!

Please contact me at 616-485-1553 if interested!

Garmin 220 GPS system and a DC40 collar.   $325.00  Both with long range antennas.  Tracks every 5 seconds.  Great system and will work with the DC20 collars if you have more than one dog.  Current Astro system new is $649.


DC20  $50  

 DC20  $50

My DC20 collars have a shorter battery life than the DC40. They will work for a few hours, but can have new batteries installed. 


Enjoy watching our puppies grow!